I write in my books

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Rania Z said...

Hello there how do I subscribe to you??
Is there an email I could get a hold of you, or should we talk via Google chat?
I'm a new blogger to Google and have many questions. I tried and tried to find bloggers but darn G. doesn't have a search box to find bloggers or articles. That's a hassel.
So I found you by accident.

I have may questions to ask as a new blogger:
Where did you get your background templete?? It's soo pretty!
How does one add images to their blog?
I like the 'chalk'-handwritting font you used for the titles of your posts, what the name of that font and where did you get it? (I don't think G Blogger offers that).
When you reply, perhaps you should consider tagging my name with the plus or @ sign, so that this way I get a notification.
I really need help, and you're probably the only hope. I wish Google B. had a search box for blogs and bloggers, but they just don't! :( :'(

Any how, I'm looking forward to getting in touch!
Thanks! :)